What Could Go Rwong?

The Definitive Guide to Choosing the Right Trustees to Drive Your Estate-Planning Bus, and How Things Can Go Horribly Wrong If You Don’t


By Jay Harker, JD, PhD

Who Will Drive Your Estate-Planning Bus and Protect Your Legacy and Loved Ones When You Can’t?

There are many books that can help you plan your estate, and this is a must-read companion to each and every one of them. The estate-planning highway is littered with the wreckage of estate plans that have crashed, failing to achieve their intended goals because the wrong driver was at the wheel. Numerous examples inspired by real people and cases dramatically illustrate how an estate plan can completely unravel if the wrong trustees are in charge. You’ll see how to mitigate that risk by carefully selecting your trustees.

This book is essential reading for anyone incorporating trusts into their estate plan.

About the Author

Jay E. Harker is a lawyer with extensive experience in the trust business. He has read thousands of trust documents, consulted countless clients and advisors, authored numerous articles for professional publications, and conducted hundreds of educational presentations for attorneys, accountants, trust professionals, financial advisors, bankers, and clients nationwide.

What Readers Are Saying

“A nice, intelligible, and helpful book!”

“Clever and witty. Well done!”

“…clear and accessible.”

“… a very informative read … made the material easy to comprehend … kept me engaged.”

“… conveyed a lot of information that should be considered in selecting a trustee.”

“I found the book to be both educational and enjoyable reading.”

“It is easy to read, easy to follow, good examples, and very informative.”

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